Huge Selection of Bikes, Cars and Motorbikes in Mallorca


We have a wide range of products. Come and discover the island on wheels!


Find your car and enjoy Mallorca. A Car rental in Cala d’Or can be done in our central office or in the Cala Ferrera office.  In SprintCar we offer medium-high-end vehicles at a great price. Please check this site for further information on car rentals in Cala d’Or with us


We have a wide range of Scooters and MOTORBIKES for hire in Cala d’or area.
Come and discover the island on wheels! If you want to hire a motorbike in Cala d’Or area you can come to our main office or to the Cala Ferrera office. Please check for further info in motorbikes to rent with Moto Sprint.


Renting a bicycle in Cala d’Or is a perfect and inexpensive way to explore the Island!. If you come to Moto Sprint to our main office or to the Cala Ferrera office we will provide all the information you need to hire a bicycle in Cala dor.


Rent a Car in Cala Dor

Looking to rent a car in Cala Dor and live the best experience yet in this beautiful Mallorcan resort? Sprint Car is a Rent a Car in Cala d’or so if you want to move around the island easily and comfortably, backed by a quality car hire service, stop looking around and take your pick out of the incredible car, bike and motorbike fleet available in Sprint Car Rental and Moto Sprint Cala Dor, in the South East side of Mallorca.


Our rent a car company has a vast range of products at your disposal, including a huge selection of cars, motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. Sprintcar is a Car rental in Cala d’Or specifically located in the famous and easily-accessed Carrer d’En Perico Pomar, in Cala D’or, and is in fact considered to be one of the most renowned and best motorbike and car rentals in Mallorca. With over 25 years of experience in the motorbike, bicycle and car hire industry in Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, the company guarantees top quality facilities, products, vehicles and customer service in the stunning area of Cala Dor and nearby locations. SprintCar and MotoSprint therefore also cover towns such as Felanitx, Santanyí, Porto Colom, Calas de Mallorca and Colonia Sant Jordi, as well as providing exclusive service to Palma’s International Airport.


If you wish to hire a bike, motorbike or rent a car in Cala Dor, you are right where you need to be! SprintCar in particular, offers a great variety of medium to high-end vehicles at a competitive rate. Feel free to check out all our services and vehicles available, and make your online booking swiftly and hassle-free via our website. If you have any questions or wish to receive more information about the rent a car options or the Cala d’Or area, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be delighted to help you choose the best vehicle to suit your needs and wants in and around Cala d’Or at the best price. Rent a car in Cala Dor with us and travel around the island comfortably in a great vehicle of your choice.

Bike hire in Cala Dor

Renting out or hiring a bike is a marvellous way to move around Mallorca quickly and freely if you don’t require any additional space. The area of Cala Dor, as well as nearby towns and, essentially, the entire island of Mallorca, is perfectly prepared for the use of bicycles. Sign posts are clear, there are numerous bike lanes built to travel around, bike repair shops, and there are even specific bars and cafés for fellow bike-lovers all over Mallorca. So, now do you fancy a bike ride?


Renting a bicycle is an ideal and inexpensive way to explore the best spots of the island, some of which may not be easily reached with a large car, for instance. If you’re looking for a wonderful and friendly bike hire in Cala Dor, we’re here for you! We have all sorts of quality bicycles available for you, from mountain bikes, to those suitable for racing, bikes for children and even trailers for babies. Take a look at all the options and choose your favourite, we can guarantee you’ll live one of the best experiences in Cala Dor and Mallorca atop two wheels. Hire your bike with us in Cala Dor!

Rent a motorbike in Cala Dor

Are you more of a free spirit wanting to explore Cala Dor and Mallorca with a motorbike? Then rent a motorbike in Cala Dor with us! Here at MotoSprint we have a wide range of motorbikes available, from light, comfy vespas to larger or racing-type ones. It is an ideal option to travel around the island in a quick manner and get to discover the best secret spots easily. Also, renting a motorbike in Cala Dor means that you’ll be able to go on the best biking routes available on the island, such as a fun and scenic ride along the winding roads of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Our company will ensure you receive the best motorbike hire service in Cala Dor, and we will also provide one or two helmets at no extra cost during your rental. Rent a fun motorbike or scooter in Cala Dor with our renowned company and simply focus on enjoying your holiday in Mallorca.

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